NEW! IIoT Starter Kit


Connect Factory Floor Sensors to the Cloud and Start the Digital Transformation of Your Plant!
IIoT Starter Kit

With the new IIoT starter kit and the user-friendly IO-Link masters from Pepperl+Fuchs simple visualization and analysis of sensor data become a reality. Discover the advantages of IO-Link and experience the seamless integration of IO-Link sensor data into your Industry 4.0 application.

The kit includes among others:

  • An IO-Link master, (3) IO-Link sensors, an Ethernet switch, a power supply, RFID tags and all the necessary cabling to get started
  • A quick start guide for connecting the IO-Link master and IO-Link devices
  • Software connection for various platforms such as AWS, PTC, AVEVA

Connect your software dashboard via OPC UA or MQTT for easy interpretation of real-time data and start the digital transformation of your plants now with the new IIoT starter kit from Pepperl+Fuchs!

Sensorik4.0®—Joining the IIoT Revolution
Sensorik4.0®—Joining the IIoT Revolution
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) thrives on the most comprehensive sensor information possible from the field level. As a specialist and pioneer in the field of factory and process automation, Pepperl+Fuchs recognized this early on and dedicated itself to the fourth industrial revolution with full innovative power under the term “Sensorik4.0®”.

Today, we offer end-to-end solutions to seamlessly transfer the valuable information from your machines and plants to a wide variety of software systems. Use the potential of condition, position and availability data, optimize your processes and save resources. This website shows you how to implement this together with us.

Get an insight and do not hesitate to contact us for the realization of your Industry 4.0. application. Our experts are looking forward to your request!

Four Layers for Your Success


System Design  1. System Design
As a pioneer in the field of industrial automation, we have a wealth of experience at our disposal when it comes to designing Industry 4.0 topologies. Whether hybrid or full IIoT system—trust our expertise and utilize all the information from your machines and plants.
Technologies  2. Technologies
From IO-Link to RFID to REST API, MQTT and OPC UA—technological diversity is the key to solving the most diverse application requirements in the Industry 4.0 environment. Get an overview of the technologies and protocols we are familiar with.
Components  3. Components
Sensors are the eyes and ears of machines and plants. With a seamless range of innovative IoT sensors based on a wide variety of operating principles and associated infrastructure components, we enable a continuous flow of information from your machine to the cloud. Discover some selected representatives of our portfolio.
Integration  4. Integration
When it comes to integrating your application, we are closely by your side: In addition to our own subsidiary Neoception, which specializes in the development of IIoT applications, we also cooperate with a number of well-known companies from the IT sector. Get an insight into some of our successfully realized projects.


1. System Design


parallel operation of PLC and cloud.

Plants, products, and systems are becoming increasingly networked. This has resulted in a major effort to set machine-to-machine (M2M) communication standards. IIoT protocols such as OPC UAMQTT and REST API make this type of communication possible, as well as the implementation of hybrid systems consisting of a PLC and a cloud.

This section presents different IIoT applications to show you how the transition from control-based applications to hybrid or full IIoT applications without superior PLC can succeed.

Hybrid vs. Full IIoT Solutions

The IO-Link masters of the ICE2 and ICE3 series form the basis of hybrid and full IoT applications. Lukas Pogoda, expert for industrial communication, shows you the differences and functionalities of hybrid and full IIoT solutions using various examples. Furthermore, he explains the role played by the IO-Link masters from Pepperl+Fuchs.

Three IIoT Applications

In the animations, you can see three customer-specific IIoT applications that have been realized with Pepperl+Fuchs components: the final assembly of an automotive production line, smart waste management, and a sensor system for detecting leaks at wine and whiskey barrels.


IIoT Demonstrator

IIoT demonstrator

The “transparent machine” as a IIoT demonstrator shows how easily data from a wide range of Pepperl+Fuchs sensors can be transferred from the field level to the cloud. Once there, the aggregated sensor data is visualized in a dashboard to generate condition-based alarms, for example. Pepperl+Fuchs will be happy to support you in planning and selecting the appropriate components, infrastructure and software for your individual IIoT solution.


The “Transparent Machine”

In the video, Lukas Pogoda and Jörg Nagel introduce you to the components of the “transparent machine”, consisting of hardware from Pepperl+Fuchs and software from Neoception. Here you will learn how sensor data can be transferred to the cloud, displayed and analyzed.


2. Technologies


All around us we hear buzzwords like Industry 4.0, IIoT, smart factories and smart devices. The core concept of this new technological era is the connectivity of every single device. That means that they should communicate in a vendor-independent, standardized, scalable, IT- and OT-ready, interoperable, and secure way. This can only be achieved using smart IIoT communication protocols such as OPC UAMQTT or REST API.

This white paper compares the different TCP-based communication protocols that have found their way up and are considered the enablers of IIoT and Industry 4.0.

Download White Paper Now!

Download Whitepaper Now!

3. Components


Some of Our Latest Developments

As a market leader for industrial automation technology, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide variety of Industry 4.0 suited sensors, interface components and even mobile devices.

Have look at a some of the latest developments from our portfolio:

NEW! AWS Partner Qualified IO-Link Masters

AWS Partner Qualified IO-Link Masters from Pepperl+Fuchs

Publishing process and status data from sensors to cloud applications in manufacturing plants is one of the key requirements for the IIoT and Industry 4.0 principles. With the official qualification of the ICE2 and ICE3 IO-Link masters as “AWS Partner Devices”, Pepperl+Fuchs is offering users in the AWS ecosystem access to a broad portfolio of sensors for their predictive maintenance and condition monitoring applications.

These fieldbus modules not only support real-time fieldbus protocols (Ethernet/IP or PROFINET) for the connection to deterministically operating industrial controllers, but also offer a completely web-based configuration concept and OPC UA, MQTT and REST API communication. This makes it possible for users without knowledge of fieldbus systems and PLC programming to implement stand-alone applications quickly and easily.

Thanks to the multilink technology, hybrid approaches can be implemented, in which the PLC runs time-critical processes and aggregated status data is transmitted in parallel via OPC UA or MQTT to AWS-hosted systems (e.g. by GE Digital or by Syntax).

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